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This site is really under construction, but imagine this... when it's finished, it will have colorful pictures of interesting places to go in Mexico. I have been traveling throughout the villages and markets of Mexico for 30 years now and want to share my adventures and experience with you.

Hope you are packing and getting ready to head off to Mexico for Day of the Dead as I am!

Happy traveling,

Angela Villalba


Purepacha farm woman harvests field squash to make candied pumpkin to delight her muertos on Day of the DeadThis Purepucha woman, who lives in a very small village behind Lake Patzcuaro, went to her field to harvest some gorgeous squash the evening before Day of the Dead to prepare in brown sugar and cinnamon for her ofrenda to her spirits. I saw her and quickly turned the rental car around on a narrow country road and chased her back up a steep dirt road...

She sped up thinking we were crazy and I just kept trying to keep the car from getting stuck in the mud. Finally, I just got out and caught up with her... camera and notebook in tow. I knew that this woman KNEW the recipe for calabasa entacha! We had a difficult time communicating but she finally figured out what this big gringa wanted and taught me the recipe graciously. I told her I would send her the photograph and asked for her address. She said, "Just send it to my village, Carmen Garcia, at the house with the blue door next to the Church"... it will get here!

As in all things Mexican, magical things usually happen!